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Dedicated to the profession of all aspects in art and entertainment. New medium display I am now 
incorporating will be to promote and advertise all my future authorships book fervent for the average
reader's enjoyment. Thank you.

The Flash film by DC Comics and Warner Bros (2013) and beyond by ~Cory Morr Add Video

VERSION 2 Same video, but changed dynamics of sound, faster and an added image. Please rate and post. This is a really artistic and cleaver video with slide show. I added effects to my video to publish a message that the Flash film is need. This is a great idea and I could really use your help. Thank you. ~Cory Morr Well here I am fans... who am I? Well that's a theoretical question. I am where ever my DNA takes my destiny. Far beyond the stunning imagination of the compelling Speed Force. My name is Wally West and I'm just an ordinary kid with a special ability that is too convincing for a slow-motion world to understand. In Keystone City your hated by many, but where the Flash am loved you are loved by a few that are close. But when time slows you down for a Physics test... boy can fighting crime and the rouges really break your concentration. Well it's like what my Uncle Barry always tells me if your can't break the time barrier then don't commit a crime with mass hysteria. I run my own race. See in you the 30th century. Right now I have a date with my girlfriend... Linda Park. Gotta run. Please rate and post. Thank you. My website:

Posted by Cory Morr on December 30, 2011 at 7:16 PM 1185 Views

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