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The Flash: Speed Force I-Chronicles of the Speed Force Add Video

*UPDATED for 3/12/2012 This is the "DIRECTOR'S CUT" version of the 1st Flash cartoon of the Speed Force Trilogy. The Flash: Speed Force I-Chronicles of the Speed Force was made 1 years ago and essentially what I did was modify, re-edit, covert to HD, new special FX, visual FX, better quality of picture, sound, and a brand new fight scene between Wally West/The Flash and Gorilla Grodd. The scene is much faster then the awful fight scene in the original I improved it and made the scene more epic. The mediums I used were Coral VideoStudio Pro X3 and CS2 Photoshop. Enjoy the new and improved 1st episode of the soon to be 3 part mini Flash: Speed Force cartoon trilogy. Part III will be out due this Fall to complete the Flash Speed Force Trilogy by Warner Bros. Studios and DC Comics. ~Sincerely Cory Morr. Actor and friend. *Note I'm improving the quality of this sample version. Expect more updates in the near future. I'm adding new scenes, faster running effects, a newer Gorilla Grodd scene and better credits in HD blu-ray quality. I'm now also working on the 3rd and final installment of the trilogy. Thank you. ~Cory Morr

Posted by Cory Morr on March 12, 2012 at 1:33 AM 1101 Views

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