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This is my 2nd custom feature video trailer preview, to promote my newly released action/adventure/sci-fi/ fantasy and epic-thriller superhero backstory.... "THE BLUE SPHERE." The Blue Sphere is a climactic novel, where the reader will join the vicarious odyssey, positioned to fly on the adventure with Prof. Jack Tomson of Gust City. He trains faithfully with intrepidity to become THE BLUE PEARL ANGEL of elemental resources. The hero's tale tells of the foretold legend, when the initial Tunuckial wind- god, the epitomized Dr. Whirlado, arises to bring forth condemnation and malice from the reverse-force dimension from the Sub-Neatriealm, terrorizing havoc to many worlds' basic element structures of nature. A personified hero of elements must emerge to drive back the credulous demonic manifestation perpetrated by the tornado evil of winds. And a vigilant crusader of medium justice, that's right for our relevant time, defeats his opposing cohorts in this epic new hero backstory. It's shared with love, justice, peace, and righteousness, as Dr. Tomson is conflicted between duty and honor, that's inescapable to deviate from his original life. This authority by ordained rite of his master King Za'do Sapphra, trains the Prince of the Elements competitor, and reserves neutrality between sister-wrolds. And Jack must undercover the secrets of the untold mystery of how his friend Dr. Phil Whirlis, who becomes his worst nightmare arch nemesis. He must investigate along his journey how he, died skeptical events of drama; as well as, involving government associates of the EPA called "THE MAFILECTORS." The hero's journey progresses and stops detrimental crisis of the Saphforsyst; OR, the "WAR OF THE ELEMENTS" from generating oblivion to Earth and its sister-system of "SAPHPORA," before it's too late. The crime fighter of Geology is determined with all of his enforced strength contained, to save the world and restore the order of balance in many multi-universes peacefully. The Blue Sphere is a great story you'd want to read to your children repeatedly and never get tedious to relive the adventure. There will be a sequel comic book and graphic novel in 2014, that I will self-design and self-make independently. This dynamic story has no final ending, consisting of an Anti-Climax. Facebook: Cory Morr look for me, add me as a friend and say hi. I'll be doing book signings and hosting this innovative superhero worth celebrating. Facebook: "CORY MORR RISING ICON" Twitter: "CORY MORR" Myspace: CORY MORR (old but, I rarely use that site anymore. Book retailers to purchase or buy: AMAZON LINK: BARNES AND NOBLES LINK: BOOK-A-MILLION LINKL XULON PRESS LINK: BOKUS LINK: Standard price at Amazon $24.15 or $24.63 at Barnes and Nobles. My book is now in stock and on retailer shelves. Makes a great holiday present for someone you love, or looking for a great holiday gift idea. Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Nobles Nook, Apple ibook and other applications to download my book are selling at a base price of $9.99 dollars. It's compatible for any download device or machine, like android, PC, Mac, iPad, iTouch 4,5 version, iPhone 4 and 5 versions and if received upgrades feasible, and other unspecified sources for media to to read resource material. *NOTE* There will be a "REPRINT" of the Blue Sphere in December or January if you find typos, spelling, grammatical or basic English errors. No stress or discouragement. I'll have my first novel updated and reconditioned towards Q4 2013 or beginning Q1 2014, for you to either return and exchange for a newer version. It's the same edition of "THE BLUE SPHERE, free of charge as a replacement, if already payed. But I want you as the reader, to enjoy my 1st book and cherish it from the "HEART. The story understandable to follow along. It will be cleaned and reprinted in a few months. AMAZON KINDLE, EBOOKS, SONY, GOOGLE EDITIONS, SCRIBED, BOOKS ON BOARDS, BOARDS, NOOK, ETC. The Blue Sphere is a Sci-Fi Action/Adventure Fantasy novel. All characters, elements, properties, storyline, and fictitious setting is a copyright and trademark of Cory Morr. All Rights Reserved. 2013 (c). Websites to copy and paste the links: Personal website: 1. Business and 2. professional site:­­folio Emails: [email protected], 2. [email protected], 3. [email protected] Version 2 video differences: Volcano added, new music piece, and Blue Sphere has his element arm-halos have been added.

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