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Obama and Biden "GUILTY of Middle East Crisis (evidence). ~Cory Morr Add Video

Hello America this is a roughly 6 minute video I have reliably choreographed and assembled potentially showing the accurate account if events or circumstances, that contributed the violent intensity of the Middle East Crisis. This WAS NOT because of a Youtube Anti-Muslim video film by a Hollywood filmmaker, but clearly a direct result of the Obama Administration's provocation succinctly spoken initially by Joe Biden at the DNC convention and weeks before the 11th anniversary of 9/11. The incompetence and irresponsibility was a factor by President Obama and Vice President that killed 4 of our American guys; and, Libya and intimidating Islamists around the world to declare Jihad against America. I've created a petition on the internet calling for congress to act together and impeach the Obama administration for threatening national security in wake of a post 9/11 universe we live in. Arrest Obama and indictment for federal crimes against the U.S. Constitution. So I've published this video as message to reach across the political platform and ironically to take back our country. It's not about which candidate you like or support, but restoring America. Romney/Ryan 2012. Here is the petition links and contacts available: Peititon links (copy and paste): * 1) * 2) *3) or Google: Obama Impeachment by Cory Morr. Website: Please rate and comment. Thank you.

Posted by Cory Morr on October 6, 2012 at 6:53 PM 2040 Views

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