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The Terminator remake by Cory Morr Add Video

his is a 10 minute video of my performance as Kyle Reese. Now some of the footage is from the original T1 which is Universal Studios property; however also keep in mind it's not just a remake, but re-enactment with my performance as Tech-Com solider ND3146 Kyle Reese. So I wanted to get my point across in this type of medium. If a Terminator remake is contemplated my gestures and the way I coordinate my movement should be deeply thought of for a remake. This is the first parody video where I fire a 9 mm at the Terminator. There is a 10 second gun fire against the Cybordyne 101 model Terminator. I changed some of the dialogue, but at the same time sustained the originally of the original 1984 film. I would say the best scene is when Kyle unloads 18 rounds per second in a 9 mm at the Terminator. So what I wanted to do is group together my acting, my editing skill, and my basic filmmaking experience for something to correlate with the audience really enjoys. Thank you, Cory Morr. P.S. If you are a Conservative Republican you HAVE EVERY FUCKING RIGHT to bend the copyright law BUT NOT break it. Fuck Liberals. God bless:-D LOL Also follow your dreams like I'm doing. Please rate, comment, and thumbs up or down. Thank you.

Posted by Cory Morr on June 27, 2011 at 10:14 PM 782 Views

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