Cool Logos Cool Logos The Green Lantern logo Logo for June 17, 2011 upcoming DC Comic superhero film,"The Green Lantern" staring Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong and Blake Lively. 96380688 The Blue Sphere This is the logo of a new superhero I'm currently working on will be disclosed to the world with my graphic novel in either 2011 or 2012. 102991155 The Flash/Wally West A new logo of either Wally West or Barry Allen ofThe Flash. 102991156 Zoom This is the logo of Reverse Flashes I and II,"Zoom." Reverse Flash Zoom I: Eobard Thwane. Reverse Flash Zoom II: Hunter Zolomon. 102991158 The 3D Flash logo This is the 3D logo of Barry Allen/The Flash. 102991160