New Flash pictures New Flash pictures The Flash smiles Hey Linda...I'm hungry. Lets race on over to the nearest Cantinese restaurant. 108278655 Legacy of the Flash Wally West/The Flash races against time and dimesion to save Keystone City and the world. Racing also time in desperate attempt to save the girl he loves,"Linda Park." 99271365 The Flash series #220 Wally in 1987 races to Keystone City. 110998258 The Flash series #150 "I don't think Barry gave me the full extent of Grodd and the Rouge Gang." 120866179 The Flash film Cory Morr as Wally West/The Flash in the Flash film by Warner Bros. and D.C. Comics. 122634558 Friend or Foe: Race Against Time I know what is on my mind. FOOD!!!! 124628865