Art work 1 Art work 1 Geological Mozaic This is a jpeg photograph of differerent landscape environments, put together to form 1 new image. This image represents the principles of art, such as Surealism, Naturalism, Idealism, Expressionism, coordination, harmony and balance. I took several different pictures simultaneously to create a new image. 62331152 The Flash 1st drawing A picture of Wally West running through Keystone City desert by DC comics. 63180186 Flower in 3D This is a flower I made in 2D then converted to 3D using filters in CS3 Photoshop. 62429875 The Flash figure A action figure of Wally West,"The Flash." 63180187 Kid Flash III,"Wally West" This is Wally West developing his super speed powers of the Speed Force. 63180188 Cory Morr as Wally West,"The Flash" This is a picture of me as Wally West,"The Flash" by Warner Bros. and DC comics. 63180189 Superman Extream This is a picture of Clark Kent in the 30th century as Superman Extreme. 63181811 Silver Age Flash,"Barry Allen." This is a picture of the 2nd Flash in history,"Barry Allen" from 1956-1987. 63180190 Batman Figure This is a figure of Batman from the 1930s. 63181812 Cory Morr as Kyle Rayner the Green Lantern This is a ball point pen with color drawing as Kyle Rayner the Green Lantern. 63181813 Batman Beyond This is an illustration of Terry McGuiness as the future Batman in the 31st century. 63184197 Superboy Prime This is a picture of myself as Christopher Kent A.K.A Superboy and the son of Clark Kent/Kal-El A.K.A Superman. 63184198 The Flash logo The logo of,"The Fastest Man Alive" Wally West/The Flash. 69564722 71068624 71068625 71068626 The Flash/Wally West Wally West at age 15 at Keystone City High School. 71068627 Nintendo 2009 E3 poster 1 First design to a made-up Nintendo E3 poster. 105023101 Nintendo 2009 E3 poster 2 Second design to a made-upto a made-up Nintendo E3 poster. 105023102