Shark Shine Graphic Design Shark Shine Graphic Design Shark Shine Graphic Design Trademark to my new and future Graphic Design company. 146822695 Don't Ask/Don't Teleprompter Scott... I'm your father Dr. Obama. 146822696 Scary am I? "Intermit the O!" 146822697 Taking back our country! "Democrats Destroy/Republicans Repair" Because the fucked up left-wing Liberals just don't get it. 146823085 Lucky the Elephant!!! "Can this Conservative Republican have a life fulfilling career?" :_-(?" 146823350 Mitt Romney's motto Because we speak the truth as free endowed Americans by God. 146823351 Captain Tea-Bagger! CAPTAIN TEA-BAGGER because this U.S.A Conservative nation loves to collect our money and keep our freedom. 147872327 NAGLOON THE NAGLIOON This is my current logo. His name is Nagloon the Naglioon from a distant planet. 148130105 New DC Comics logo Not to infringe copyright. This is FAN-MADE, but this would be my interpretation of the new DC Comic logo. Because the new logos just suck ass. This looks terrific. 148130106 "Demotise" "What a Democrock. I'm Demotized by Liberals." Demotize" logo 4/4/12 152905119