Martal Science Martal Science Focus Focus is your mind tightening it's concentration. 135593763 Style Style is the performance you want to convey. It is also the essential art and skill you have and are able to show. 135593764 Honor Honor is the dedication and loyalty reciprocate back to your master. demonstrates importance of art to sustain against your enemies. 135593765 Speed Speed is the ability that determines how fast you move and how quick you are able to act without delay. Your prompt to respond against self-distress. 135593766 Energy Energy is the power that you feel when you reach I high point of experience. You reach your potential and it provides your inner and outer will to attack. 135593767 Defense Your entire is also a shield. Guard yourself against any threat. You do this by self-recognition that counters you to deflect and punch, kick or form. 135593768 Relaxation When you meditate enough the pain, the anguish, the heart-break, the loss, the sadness, the tension, the stress and the anxiety is filters out of your body like a water falling down waterfall. The waste is removed and purity refreshes: mind, body, spirit and the heart that contains them. 135593769