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I just wanted to stay with you a little longer, but a lifetime until shared. I'm imprisoned from removing my coat off my consciousness for being an upright and a felony to say "I LOVE YOU."

Posted by Cory Morr on May 5, 2015 at 6:15 PM

I have been wrecked woe Mommy... Mommy... Mommy<3<3<3<3.

I can only write you here, my own little comportable diary personal experience section page. Each day passing another month, day, and year as the hours shorten in this prophecy of tribulation... 1 days is 1,000 years younger I stay and never age; the old reality and world, my Earth, that you were my Heart... what is, was, and still could be a properous hope is to come in the prudent curvaceous unvailed curtain tomorrow.... the heart is empty but shall be filled with rebirlt of land and fruit of Sharone, and specific requirements in my universe are worked to be filled the light of thanksgiving. He took my tree and disheveled it, the garden of my welfare, the yard of my fields; the preserve of my centered wildress was ransacked by the false prophet abomination of desolation and judgment I will release upon him, for he ransaked my goods and the joy of my vhement smile and buried it alive out of my hands. My family prevented me years of emulate the unreal falsehood of the decaying Earth they shall be dealt with by many armies of the light... crucifying my authority of pleasure and liberty;  he the enemy called lawess perdition disallowed us, just us to meet Shar and to meet in the past life and so did my adopted my family enslaved the HEART OF THE WORLD CALLED PRINCE OF LIGHT AND SON OF MAN, and because I spoke and worked and they still BEAT ME DOWN, but KEPT MY HEAD ABOVE AVOWED AVOIDING THE REPROACHED AND WICKED THREATNERS, I neither was honored and achieved distinguished from my audience and the guests of my spotlight... they still keep me root, and stem will never a sprout a tree because there will be no builder acquired to build a house so untopplable strong, so the church can sermon an oritated  feast for the wedding, but only a seed that has not been watered by your oils. brigtened of your love...., our family our children inanimate and never manifested from the progressive evil and sin chained me tortured prisoner; thus for him still carrying my virgin cross carried. SOME FEELINGS ARE KEPT UNSAID, SOME THOUGHTS BETTER REMAINED TO THEMSELVES, BECAUSE ILLEGAL LOVE HAS A WAY OF SHOWING ITSELF, EVEN WHISPERED DESPITE THE FORCED SILENCE FROM "SLAVERY."


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