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My Biography:

My name is Cory William Edward Morrel. My acting/author/celebrity pen name is Cory Morr. I'm 31 years old, green hazel eyes, jet black hair, Pisces, 5'8", 165 lbs, 30 waist, 34 inseam, Israelite Christian, Conservative Constitutionalist, and I'm a post graduated of a 2 year Associates of Arts. I'm also an aspiring actor. I act on stage, TV, film, do impersonation and do voice-overs work. My hobbies include: boxing, martial arts, swimming, improve, 2D/3D animation, photography, drawing,  football, pool, ping-pong, web design or web page layout, graphic design, typography and video games (Nintendo DS, DS lite, DSi , PC software, Z677T T-Mobile iphone). My interests are painting, listening to 80s music, movies, origami, school, making new friends, being creative in all aspects of nature and most importantly thinking creatively with tenacity. I'm a huge DC Comics fan of The Flash. I'm a fan of the Wally West/Kid Flash version. Batman is exception as well and the king of DC Comic. I enjoy and love Star Wars and anything Star Wars. However, I like all different varieties of acting, reading, books, comics, newspapers and coin collection.  I'm current developing my portfolio website, while in the process of making money as a self-employed artist. My additional hobbies and interests included: cooking, waitering, writing, logo designing and video editing differing unique and diverse projects. I take quite accomplishment in my skills and those attribute I value the most. More important my friends and family who I love. 


.Barron Collier High School from 1998 to 2002

5600 Cougar Drive, Pine Ridge Rd. Naples FL 34109

Area of study was Algebra and English comprehension

Diploma: Both High School diploma and GED (General Education Diploma)

Special awards: 3 year honor role and special award trophy

.Bergen Community College from 2004-to 2009

Paramus Rd. Paramus NJ 07652

Major: Computer Animation Minors: Graphic Design and Performing Arts

Degree: Computer Animation Associates 2 year December 2009

No Awards.

Rasmussen College in FT Meyers

 Bachelors of Digital Design and Animation TBD in 2015 


Animation or Graphic programs known:

.CS2, CS3 and CS4 Photoshop

.CS3 and CS4 After Effects

.Softimage XSI

.CS3 Adobe Flash (Actionscript 2.0, 3.0)


.Adobe Illustrator

.Adobe Indesign

.Adobe Premier

.Adobe Flash Player


.Microsoft Word or Word Processor

GIMP 2.6


.Adobe Encore CS4

 .Coral Painter

Adobe: Home Suite

 .Photoshop 7 

 .Anime Pro Studio


.Adobe Bridge.

 .Adobe InDesign

.Adobe Flash Professional

 .Adobe Photoshop (Creative Cloud)

And any other utility program or separate entity software art product programmed exclusively by the Adobe Company (c) 2014 of their company.  



Acting Resume:

                                         CORY MORR




                               Height: 5'8"            Weight: 162lbs.

                               Eyes: hazel            Hair: jet black

                               Body: athletic         Shirt: L

                               Pants: 34/36          Shoe: 9.5 inches 


 THEATER: Bergen Community College Paramus, NJ.


."Antigone" by Sophocles          Played a mute solider of Creon

."Rosa Parks" a 1955 boycott      Played a police officer from Alabama

."The Tempest" by Shakespeare   Played a sea captain of a ship

."Bury the Dead" by Irwin Shaw    Played a WWI war solider set in the present

."Lost in the Bermuda Triangle”    Played a sailor named Hank Morrel 



2007 Playwrights Festival at Bergen Community College:


 ."The Unforgettable Experience"        I played a cop             

 ."Most Wonderful Time of the Year”   Christmas shopper (extra)

 ."Mike's Minnie Mart"                          I played another cop

 ."Ryan's Quest for Popularity"            High school student (extra)

."Night the Stars Came Out"              Actor in a play and voice-over


.2009 comedy Improv night:


Performed in farce comedy scenes without breaking character.               


 I acted in several comedy skits that were improvisation and comedy.


*All performed at Bergen Community college except "Lost in the Bermuda Triangle" which was performed at the Fair Lawn Recreation center in Fair Lawn NJ.


2009 Playwrights Festival at Bergen Community College


.”Coffee, Pennies and Apostrophes”


 I played a man on a bench named Albert Nash and had an extra as a an angry protester. The protester boycotting coffee and a Apostrophe removal in the play.

.”Feminism is Always in Style”


I played an extra as a high school student and/or boy at a prep rally that was against girls’ rights in high school. My character was very sexist.




In June 2009, I acted on camera for a paid program called,”Icelandic Ultra Blue” that aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. It was a short speaking role and I played a Guido in bar. The Guido was advertising Icelandic Ultra Blue to prevent chest bumps from shaving, a spoof lotion product. The paid program was an adult them related program in live-action.


Acting Training:

                .Introduction to Theater                                    Prof. Mary Clifford

                .Basic Acting Techniques                                    Prof. Mary Clifford           

                .Stage Production and  Performance                  Prof. Jim Bumgardner

                .Introduction to Voice-overs                               Michael Mass

                .Audition Techniques                                           Prof. Mary Clifford

                .Private acting coach in 2010                              Prof. Julie Boyd

                .Porch Light Studio Adult Acting Class 2011          Ryan Phifer.  

                .Miracle in Central Park (auditioned not casted but volunteered) Dave Gibson 

 The Voice-over class was taught at the Fair Lawn High School in NJ. I did camera news announcements, for the college news. This was to gain hands on experience for being on camera. This was from the college’s Media club.


*Each course taught me fundamental basics of principle acting, from contemporary form, classic and dramatic performing arts. Basic course provided me to break in the industry and sell yourself as the actor, in any commercial or as an industrial performer; whether it's on stage, TV or the silver screen in motion picture. The voice-over class was at the Fair Lawn High School in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. It was a starting voice-over dub class that instructed the direction of how to apply your voice in an demanding industry diverse of radio, TV, internet, books, movie, videos, network projects and other types of media. That was the purpose of the class objective.




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Videos and Animation work:


Part-Time Jobs:

Job 1

.Shop Rite

River Rd. Fair Lawn NJ, 07410


Boss: Rob Wilson (store manager)

Dates worked: July 2005-March 2008

Position: porter, producer clerk, checker, cart attendent

Job duties and performances:  I would rinse fresh producer, cut produce, package,

stock shelves, block, rotate, return non-bought items, assist customers, bag groceries and push carts.

Can we contact: Yes

Reason for leaving: Left to persue better employment, employer conflict,  change of work schedule.


Job 2


Boulevard. Elmwood Park, NJ 07407


Boss: Janet D’ Aires (Non-foods manager) and Barbara Marshell (store manager)

Dates worked: Feb 2004-Sep 2004

Position: Non-foods clerk

Job duties and performances:  I would stock shelves with nonfood related items (ex. Batteries, aluminum and foil kitchen ware, toiletries, soap toothpaste

shampoo).  I would block, price tag, rotate items, set up displays and assist customers.

Can we contact: Yes

Reason for leaving: Left to persue education.


Job 3


Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, Florida 34109


Boss: Dawn Wheeler (resturant manager)

Dates worked: June 00 to Nov 03

Position: Fry operator, server, cashier, drive through person

Job duties and performances:  As an employee of Arbys I used to ring up order, handle money, serve hot fresh food, cook appitizers, clean my sevice station, clean the resturant, serve food in the drive through, give back the correct change when handling orders, maintain a clean apperance, pleasant and comfortable resturant.

Can we contact: Yes

Reason for leaving: Moved back to New Jersey.


Job 4


Highway, Route #17, Paramus, New Jersey 07653


 Boss: Carlos Munzo

Dates worked: September 2010-Present

Position: Dining room server/cleaner/attendant

 Job duties and performances: As an employee of Wendy's I cleaned the dining room area, wiped tables, chairs, seats and changed the garbage. I made sure my condiment table was was refilled (ex. ketchup cups and straws), talked to customers to make sure they are being treated propery and maintained a comfortable resturant. 

Can we contact: Yes

Reason for leaving: Resigned.


Job 5: Sweet Tomatoes

10940 Tamiami Trail. N U.S 41

Naples, FL 34109


 Boss: Keith Lem You

Dates worked August 2011-September 2011

 Position: Prep-Cook, hot bar attendant and Cashier

 My primary job positions engaged included as the following: thorough cleanliness to prevent contamination of bacteria for 20 seconds at 70 degree F, cut sour dough bread, pizzas, make chocolate muffin brownies, blueberry  muffins, corn bread, bake sweet potatoes and baked potatoes, stir soups, rotate old food for fresh, enjoyable, wholesome food. Be complimentary toward customers, keep my work station clean, wash dishes, change the trash, check the bathrooms, clean, sanitize, mop. sweet, spay the salad bar, handle money, ring up order, figure out correct change, tender transactions, restock supplies, and maintain a clean high-quality enjoyable environment. 

 Can we contact: Yes

Reason for leaving: Terminated by the company due to personal circumstance at home.  

Volunteer: 2011 I volunteered and support my local community by cooking, preparing, and feeding low-income people that have been placed in a environment whos lives are misfortunate. Such an impeccable peformence is indescrible for those who need comfort in an uncertain economy.

Additional Training and/or Talents:

.Back in Fall and Spring of 2002 I was in a on the job training class (OJT) in high school. This OJT or job curriculum, taught me different skills and knowledge required when working in a work place. We would go on a bus to a job site, go to any job site in Naples, FL and work in that site. We didn’t get paid. It was all voluntary. In exchange for hard work we earned both experience and a solid grade for this class. I have a certificate of completion from OJT. The certificate is proof  that I have obtained the experience, the skills and lessons needed in any type of business. 

.I have used and ascertained experience with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Presentation.

.Typing speed: 100 WPM on Microsoft Word.


Fall 2011 I did culinary and kitchen staff help at St. Matthew's homeless shelter for the poor. I cooked. prepared, serves and catered to many homeless people out of respect and generosity for those who are less fortunate. It fundamentally taught me to give back to my community, help innocent people who need to rely on heroes. I have God and Jesus to thank for getting me through a very complicated year. I stocked food, volunteered, and set tables for our Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts. God bless 

 TELEKINESIS: I have the natural ability to communicate with the life-force of energy in non-physical matter and make a relationship feeling with subatomic energy by will power. By proficient effort I can control energy to my own control through physical and mental means of spiritual power.  

My Acting Resume':


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